In this continuing report of our 2014 Workplace Attitudes Survey we’ll discuss Confidence. It appears that there are three key behaviors managers engage in that have the most negative  impact upon employee confidence. Managers should consider their role in each of these key areas.









Our survey reveals as a primary response that when people feel they do not receive sufficient support from their managers or peers, they lose confidence. Some of the lack of support is attributed to the workplace culture. If the culture isn’t nurturing and promotes intimidation, distrust, and lack of cohesion, then confidence suffers.

Next, the survey shows that the lack of clear instructions as to what is expected or what the approach should be can lead to lack of confidence. When there are no clear goals, instructions, or training, people begin to lose confidence in their ability to perform well.

Finally, about 26% of the respondents indicated that they lost confidence when they perceived strong disagreement with their expert opinion. Specifically, people perceive a loss of self-confidence when the other person disagrees with their expertise and conflict arises.

In our fourth and last blog about our survey results we’ll discuss our findings on productivity and motivation. It is not too late to participate in the survey. To be part of it and get the full report Follow This Link.


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