This is our final blog reporting the results of our 2014 Workplace Attitudes Survey. At the end of this article we’ll explain how you can get the full report plus the analysis we have put together along with tips and techniques you can implement at work today.

In this portion of the report we’ll discuss our findings about Productivity and Motivation.


When asked what makes people less productive we identified four clear categories.









At the top of the list were time management related issues, including interruptions at the top of the list. Other time management issues included wait time, attending too many meetings, lack of relevant content in meetings, and poor managerial guidance regarding time allocation for projects.

Next came lack of team and managerial support. Micromanagement, lack of recognition, and lack of trust in employees appeared to be common issues too. Distrust and lack of team cohesion were also mentioned as common issues.

Finally, the last two categories included unclear expectations about desired results, and poor or lack of access to the right tools and information to accomplish the task at hand.


Finally we wanted to hear from participants examples of what managers can do to help employees feel motivated for higher performance.








Taking 26% of responses, allowing people autonomy in order to achieve results their own way is one of the reasons listed as the top three motivators for performance.

Another 26% indicated that leading by example is what people perceived as most motivating for them.

At the top of the list, with 48% of responses, is encouragement. According to our respondents, when they feel encouragement and recognition from both peers and managers, people tend to feel motivate to perform better.

The Final Report Plus Analysis

To receive the final report and analysis, you can do one of two things.

  • One is to become a participant of our ongoing survey efforts. To do so, Follow This Link  and tell us that you want a copy of the report.
  • The other way it to order the 2014 Survey Report from our secure online shopping catalog. Shop Here.



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