Before you aim for a goal check where you are first

I travel often for work and pleasure and spend many nights at hotels. In my travels, one day I entered the elevator and got ready to push the button for the 11th floor. I quickly realized that the buttons only went up to 6. I exited the elevator, looked around, and waited for the other elevator door to open. The same thing happened. I was puzzled. It took me a minute to realize that I had stayed in the 11th floor the week before and that this week I was in the 5th floor.

I think my experience is an analogy that tells us that before we can reach our goals, we need to know where we stand and where we are going. I thought my goal was to get to the 11th floor. If I had kept pursuing that as my goal I would have been frustrated and eventually embarrassed.

I see people that on a daily basis keep trying to reach a goal that isn’t there. And they keep trying. They ask themselves, “am in the right elevator?” not realizing they are in the wrong place altogether.

When we feel we are not reaching our goals, we need to take a look at what our real goal is. In my case, my real goal was to get to my room. To do so, we need to know and understand where we are now, and then aim at where we really want to go. So the first question to ask is, are we where we think we are?

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