Better Results With the Use of Mirroring

The ability to influence customers and employees is a necessary skill for many individuals. However, it appears that some people are far better at it than others. What are they doing differently and what can we do to be more like them?

To get better results, researchers suggest that you should pay closer attention to two very important factors: your mirroring skills and your attitude towards the product or the service you offer. For example, research conducted by Duke University in 2007 shows that mirroring the other person’s behavior can influence a customer’s decision to buy.

The study revealed that by making a conscious effort to mimic the customer and showing interest in your offering, you can increase your chances to close the sale. Similar studies by Université de Bretagne-Sudclaim indicate that mirroring can in some cases influence people enough to increase sales by up to 17%.

Mirroring is something many successful sales people do intuitively. However, what’s interesting in the Duke report is that demonstrating a positive attitude and enthusiasm about your product or service can further increase your sales ratios.

The important lessons we can take away from these studies are that nothing will influence others more than your own attitudes and behaviors. Pay attention to the other person’s use of language and body language, and start mirroring that behavior. Furthermore, focus also on your enthusiasm and attitude towards the idea you are presenting to the other person. These steps will help you win them over.

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