Boosting Team Performance

AssertivenessBoostersLeaders and managers have a direct impact on team performance. But is it their technical expertise or something else that helps boost team performance?

In 2014, Learning4Managers conducted a survey with participants ranging from Director to C-Level. We asked them what helped them be more assertive at work. Their answers showed us the importance and value of soft skills over technical expertise.

The top performance booster, found in 60% of the answers, was showing support. Respondents revealed that they appreciate leaders that take the time to show appreciation, give feedback, and take time to encourage them.

Managers and leaders could benefit from updating their motivational and feedback skills. Team members appreciate to hear positive and constructive feedback from their leaders. Developing positive professional relationships also motivate team members to please their managers by demonstrating higher performance.

Next in the list with 25% of the answers came allowing autonomy. Respondents expressed that when leaders and managers gave them sufficient instructions accompanied by adequate freedom to do their job, they felt empowered and engaged.

Last at about 15% each came leading by example. Respondents indicated that they respect a leader that shows energy and a positive attitude.

In summary, update you skills giving feedback and motivating others. Work on your delegation skills and allow for autonomy. Finally, set an example for your teams.

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