Connecting Customer Education & Staff Training

In business, these are two simple truths we often ignore:

  • If your customers don’t understand how to use your product or service, they’ll leave.
  • If your employees don’t know how or what to communicate to customers and peers, their productivity will be poor.

Either way, your bottom line suffers because of lacking knowledge. Your most cost-effective solution: Customer Education & Staff Training.

Customer Education

Your customers need to know about you, your products and your services.

  • Marketing and branding: Your customers need to know who you are and what you do.
  • Products: Your customers need demonstrations or user-friendly instructions.
  • Services: Your customers may need presentations or a walk-through.

Here are some ways to increase customer knowledge:

  • Educational Games and Activities: Feature a product or a service online by using an interactive game.
  • Friendly Challenges: Invite your customers to a friendly competition and to test their skill and knowledge with an online pop-quiz.
  • Product guides and tours: Provide CD-Rom or web–based tutorials, product guides, and virtual tours.

Staff Training

Skills required to make your business a success:

  • Communication : Essential to working with customers and peers. Only people with above average skills will be successful.
  • Leadership : There is only room for people who demonstrate solid leadership skills. Help your staff improve.

Here are some ways to improve staff training:

  • Self-paced training: Build a CD-Rom or Web-based training library that staff can access at their convenience or on-demand.
  • Just-in-time training: When launching a new product or service, broadcast a presentation over the Web and showcase new features.
  • Orientation: Reduce cost by converting orientation and other training into cost-effective online modules.

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Keys to Organizational Learning

Examining What Drives an Organization to Improvement Through Learning

Recently I was asked question in a forum about the three most important elements, processes, or systems which drive organizational learning. In my reply, I stated that this can be analyzed from multiple angles; however, the most elemental pieces include

  • In the right organization: strategy
  • In a mediocre organization: someone’s impetus or impulse
  • In the wrong organization: reaction to a problem or crisis.

I find that the best organizations manage their learning initiatives as a very important part of their business strategy and objectives.

In order to support the organization’s strategy, the best organizations will put into place these three key elements:

  • The people (they come first). Get the right learning champion first, then give that person the right staff, and let them Identify the right learners. If they are the right people they will be smart enough to know how to identify the right business objectives and how to put together the right programs for the right people.
  • The infrastructure. People need the right tools to do their job, otherwise even the best people are doomed to fail.
  • Finally, the support. From money to time, someone has to support the learning operation with real assets. If not, you hired a lot of good people and bought a lot of nice equipment and software, but rendered the team impotent.

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