Effective Time Management & Your Online Presence

To manage a business effectively, today’s world demands having an online presence. That means having a Web site, using email for communications and marketing, and networking via social media. Here is the catch. Have you noticed how easily some people can spend hours on emails or on social media sites like Facebook? To manage your online presence online effectively it takes planning and discipline. Here is a tool that might help you plan and manage your time online better: the 30-30-30-10 online presence management model.
First, decide how much time per day or week you are willing to dedicate to your business’ online presence. Then distribute that time into four areas as follows:

Spend 30 percent of your time online focusing on business and logistics. This is the time you devote to fixing a graphic on your Web site, writing your next email campaign ad, or adding a blog about a relevant topic and sharing it on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The next 30 percent should be spent communicating directly with prospects and customers. This is when you post your “likes” and comments on prospects and customers. This engages them online.

Another 30 percent is used for networking to continue building your relationships with colleagues, peers, or employees if you have them. This is your opportunity to see what others are doing well and to coach others.

Finally spend the last 10 percent of your allocated time to planning for the future and tweaking your strategies.

This simple 30-30-30-10 model will allow you to maintain and grow your online presence at a steady rate. You may certainly adapt to changes in circumstances. The important part is to have a plan and the discipline to follow it.

30 30 30 10

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