Hard to Motivate Teammates

Hard to Motivate Teammates, Continued

Working with teams, we often find that individual perceive motivation differently. For example, some people may feel that their teammates are hardly motivated because they move slower than them, or because they don’t show the same level of excitement. While it may be true that people who lack motivation may not move fast or act excited, there may be some individuals whose nature is to be calm and methodical.

It is good to know and understand you how your own personality type may affect your perception of others, and to learn to communicate about personality style to avoid conflicts.

Some individuals are afraid that teammates won’t pull through, and check on their peers’ progress constantly. Most people don’t like this “over-the-shoulder” approach from managers, much less from peers. On the one hand, it is important to allow people autonomy to do their job the way they prefer. It is helpful in every project to define the outcomes, and to point out where autonomy is encouraged.

Take into consideration that unmotivated employees may feel that they don’t have autonomy. Explain to them where they are allowed to exercise this autonomy, and how it benefits them. “What’s in it for me?” is often a question that goes unanswered in projects. Help teammates see the higher purpose of what they do, and the value their autonomy in the project brings to them.

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