Learning How to Conduct Interviews

Learning4Managers is conducting an online survey on Learning Competencies for Supervisors and Managers. In the survey, we asked those in management and supervisory roles how they acquired the key competencies and skills needed in their position. Specifically, we wanted to know if the skills were self-taught, learned in school, at work in a previous job, at work in their current workplace, or not applicable.

One of the competencies we asked about was Conducting Interviews. Attracting and hiring the right staff is the first key step towards building strong and successful teams. Making a bad hire can also mean many hours of conflict, stress and difficulties for the team.

Identifying who the rock-stars are among the many candidates that are interviewed, and getting the right people onboard is no easy task. You would expect that organizations make it a priority for managers and supervisors to be well prepared in this area.

However, what we found was that organizations might not be doing a great job at preparing hiring managers for the task. Our survey reveals that 1 in 5 managers and supervisors learned the skill at a previous job.

The rest claim to have been self-taught (see image). These numbers are in line with anecdotal reports from the many managers and supervisors we have worked with over the years.

In countries like the USA this is of particular concern because there are many laws and regulations that directly affect the hiring process. Courses on discrimination like “Discrimination and the Law” should be mandatory training for managers and supervisors before they begin conducting interviews. Refresher courses should be offered on a regular basis to ensure adherence to best practices.

In countries like Saudi Arabia, regulations such as the “Saudization Programme” are mission-critical to corporations if they want to continue to do business in that country. Without a clear understanding and training on how to implement these regulations, companies may be at risk to miss out on the most talented staff or even be at risk of being in noncompliance with the law.

If you need assistance developing a training strategy for new supervisors and managers regarding interview practices, Learning4Managers is here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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