Management, Hispanics and Retention

As a part of their strategy to reach out to Latinos, companies have shown a renewed interest in hiring Hispanic employees. But are these companies aware of the cultural shock this strategy will cause? And do these companies know how to manage and keep their newly hired Hispanic workforce?

In 2006, Berkley University published a study of 1,500 store managers and over 100,000 front line employees at a large retailer in the USA. A portion of the study tried to identify the role race plays on employees getting promoted or fired.

The report reveals that the rate of dismissal (people fired) from low-skill, entry-level positions is 60% higher for Hispanics than for Caucasians.  Conversely, the promotion rate for Hispanics is 28% lower than for Caucasians.

Furthermore, when Hispanics have a non-Hispanic manager, that factor alone will raise their rate of getting fired by 18% and reduce their rate of getting promoted by 54%.

Can we change this? I think so, as long as we work together. Non-Hispanic managers need targeted training on how to work with a Hispanic workforce. Together we can learn to appreciate cultural values and improve performance.  Targeted Hispanic Management Training can make a world of difference.

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