Focus on Organizational Alignment

Alignment with the overall corporate strategy depends on a solid understanding of the big picture.

And this understanding starts with the leadership working toward organizational alignment. To put it succinctly, Florida Certified General Contractor Mark Ernest says “Understand it yourself.”

Management Consultant Octavio Ballesta expands on this thought adding:

“Be sure that you have a comprehensive and accurate knowledge from the corporate “big picture”, that includes corporate Mission, Vision and Strategy; corporate goals envisioned in the strategy; projects that are being developed to meet the strategy and relevant metrics to measure effectiveness of corporate strategy.”

The Big Picture Is About Them

Next comes communicating your view of the big picture to staff. VP of Marketing Rajesh Mehta believes communication of the company’s goals is a task of empowering your staff to make them a reality.

Part of empowering staff is to help them realize their own role in the big picture. Leadership Development Consultant Drew Bishop contributes this comment:

“When working to help staff pay attention to the bigger issues, it is important for them to understand how the big picture impacts them, personally, and, more importantly, how what they do impacts the big picture.”

When should you communicate the big picture? The approach by Energy Expert Ray Miller is one of constant open communication: “I communicate it all the time. Hold nothing back.”

How much and how deep you want to go in your communication depends on the situation and the person or group you are talking to. Terry Seamon suggests that at minimum you and your managers ought to communicate


  • How the business is doing
  • Where the business is heading
  • The opportunities the business has
  • The challenges the business faces

According to Ballesta, you should plan meetings where you include as much detail as appropriate:

“When the progress of the corporate strategy can objectively measured do not hesitate in sharing the financial performance, operational improvements, technologic enhancements and market positioning achievements that are derived from proper strategy execution. Sharing this information will helpful to align to your staff around the practices that should be followed to achieve the corporate goals in the future.

Schedule periodic meetings with your staff to explain about other business cases where having executed similar corporate strategies signified outstanding financial outcomes; an improvement in the market positioning; a better business agility; operational excellence and/or innovation based culture.”

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