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Learning4Managers is for New Managers

Where you promoted into a management position because you were  a model employee?

Great employees are readily promoted into management positions because they had been highly skilled at their position. This happens in all sectors and in all industries. They may be a nurse, a sales representative, or a machinist. The promotion into management is almost an expectation for many. We find that many companies value their excellent model employees and reward them by  “moving up the ladder” into management and leadership positions.

If you’ve been moved up the ladder, kudos to you and all your hard work! You may have found – like many others before you – that you haven’t developed the right competencies to be an excellent model manager or leader.

For other experienced managers, you may have found that the set of skills and competencies you have taught yourself over the years aren’t the right ones or the best ones.

The practice of promoting employees into management roles – without providing them a real picture of what to expect and without giving them the right tools – is simply negligent. This is a harmful business practice and it is unfair to both the person being promoted as well as to the teams and individuals they will manage.

The purpose of Learning4Managers is to address two very similar needs:

  • The need for training that emerging leaders have as they move into their first management role.

  • The need for validation and refresher training that experienced leaders need to tune-up and recalibrate their skills.

Training for Managers


Professional Support

As a division of Accolade Institute, Inc., Learning4Managers is dedicated to the professional development of leaders in the business world. Seeking to support both the emerging and experienced directors, managers, supervisors, and other roles aimed at overseeing employees and promoting attainment positive business results. Organizations across the world promote individuals into managerial roles without providing the support, training, and mentoring required to succeed in that role. Learning4Managers aims to fill that void and help individuals find success in the workplace.

For Organizations

To support our clients, we provide training and consulting services that target a business’ needs for training employees or educating customers. We offer training and products that provide for those needs. Training and products are customized to meet each business’ unique needs and market.

For Individuals

Learning4Managers provides training for individuals via online courses and live Webinars. The site also offers many resources such as free articles written by our learning experts. Articles are geared directly toward the needs of the emerging and experienced leaders we support.



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