Growing a Training and Development Company

Learning4Managers was founded on the premise that emerging leaders, managers, supervisors and entrepreneurs of today are not satisfied with being good enough or average. They want to become great at what they do, and they want to make a difference. They also want high-powered teams with high performing team members. Finally, they also want highly-engaged customers.

The founder of the company realized throughout the late 1990’s and early 2000’s that a great challenge in the training world was the lack of evidence based information about what works and what doesn’t. Organizations struggled with training materials that were dated, lack engagement, and produce marginal results. Leaders searched constantly for the best tools available, only to find the same old unimaginative and uninspired content.

Learning4Managers was created for the sole purpose to offer relevant and engaging training based on current research and evidence based data. From our early beginnings we knew that it was time to challenge old training paradigms, and that it is time to create a new generation of training and development for today’s emerging leaders. Now is the right time for training and development to evolve, and from the start Learning4Managers has decided to take a leading role in the process.

Since its inception, Learning4Managers has been primarily a business training and consulting company. Our customers vary in size from small businesses to large global corporations. Our  two largest customers have been with Learning4Managers since 2006 and 2008.

Training is delivered in many convenient formats like live instructor-led seminars ranging from 20 to over 5,000 participants, online webinars or self-paced online courses.  The topics covered in training include team management, performance improvement, business performance, sales and human resources.

Today, we continue to expand and offer consulting services that include development of training “from scratch,” migration of traditional training content to online and mobile formats, and launching online training academies. Learning4Managers offers training in both English and Spanish.

At Learning4Managers it is our intent to keep pricing fair, and to develop long-term relationships with our customers. We pride ourselves in truly personalized service. Our experience is an asset to organizations, as we prevent common issues thanks to what we have learned from the experiences of our customers.


Our Experience – Training and Development Experts

Our instructional designers and trainers have worked with organizations of all sizes.

  • Crisis Prevention Institute/IANCICI: 2001 development of re certification program including online testing for certified members.
  • Minacs: 2005 development of talent development strategy and career path for Milwaukee business unit.
  • Beacon Health: 2006 deployment of online academy, online courses and development/deployment of webinar strategy, development of training manuals for Instructor Led Training (ILT).
  • AHIT: 2007 redesign of certification program from 5-day in-person training to hybrid online and in-person certification program.
  • HCPro: 2008 redesign of e-learning courses to match adult learning principles, relaunch of online course strategy.
  • Largest world-wide retailer: 2010 development of job aid materials for front line staff and for store and regional managers, and development of ILT materials.
  • MCN Learning: 2012 redesign of e-learning courses, migration to mobile learning, launch of new Learning Management System (LMS) platform with mobile capabilities
  • Amway: 2013 deployment of Train-the-Trainer program.


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