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Leaders, managers and entrepreneurs across the world reach out to Jorge Acuña to improve business performance through training. Jorge is a training and e-learning strategist with over 15 years of experience in the Human Performance Development field. He has dedicated himself to research how to optimize human performance and maximize engagement through effective learning.

In his own experience Jorge observed that given the right tools, guidance and encouragement, individuals can achieve performance beyond their own expectations. Jorge’s passion is to pass his knowledge on to others, as he practices and models the same principles he has learned. To see his clients increase revenue and pride in what they do as a result of his work is one of Jorge’s greatest rewards.

Jorge’s philosophy is that “if the people you encounter treat you like gold, then treat them like diamonds!”  His desire is to help emerging and established leaders become great at what they do. This became a personal goal of his since he left his native county of Costa Rica to seek opportunities in the USA.

Jorge has been described as “welcoming individual” and “great problem-solver.” His personalized approach to facilitation is matched by his analytical thinking ability and his desire to bring the highest possible value to every minute you spend with him.

Every year Jorge provides customized training and consultation services to thousands of individuals across the USA and the world in person or via the Web.  His clients range from small entrepreneurial  businesses to multi-billion dollar global enterprises.

Jorge Acuña’s personal and professional experiences in both success and failure give him a unique perspective. He has profound appreciation for the struggle leaders, managers and entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. Jorge’s goal is to take what he has learned from his experience and the experiences of other successful individuals to help you avoid the pitfalls, and to learn to leverage adversity.

Jorge now lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his wife Angela, where they both publish the Website Learning4Managers.com. Together they continue to write and develop learning materials and tools for organizations and individuals seeking to achieve beyond their own expectations.

His Work

As a corporate trainer, instructional designer, and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® certified consultant, Jorge has delivered hundreds of workshops, seminars, and presentations across the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Spain.

As an adjunct faculty member at the prestigious institution eCornell at Cornell University he delivers business and leadership courses for professionals and top-level leaders worldwide. Jorge also provides consultation and training services to the Amway corporation and to entrepreneurs across the USA.

He has also offered instructional design services for customers like Walmart and AHIT, and has helped launch online training strategies and updated courseware for Crisis Prevention Institute, International Association of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Certified Instructors, Beacon Health, MCN Learning, and HCPro.

Jorge has been a guest speaker at several regional and international conferences with expertise on training processes, leadership development, staff education, quality of customer service, workplace safety, regulation and legislation issues, organizational culture, change management, interpersonal communications, conflict management and resolution, publishing, and marketing.

Today, Jorge is able to bring his experiences to other leaders through Learning4Managers.

Radio Interview

Follow this link to listen to the second part of an interview by Milwaukee’s WISN 1130 host Perfecto Rivera featuring guest Jorge Acuna in the show Valor Latino.


Radio Interview:

Valor Latino Interview Part II

Philosophy of Work

Jorge’s vision is to help emerging and experienced leaders and their organizations achieve improved business results. His strategy expertise is strengthened by his business experience as a top-level executive, manager, and consultant. He brings his expertise in adult education, marketing, and psychology to our clients. This translates into improved performance for your organization and your professional development.


The Learning4Managers approach to consulting is:

  • Discover and Identify needs
  • Observe and Analyze
  • Question everything
  • Find the right people
  • Find the right path
  • Implement the solution
  • Check for improvements, and then check again


BA Psychology
(Understanding people’s needs and wants, and the reasons behind behavior.)

MS Adult Education – specialization in Online Training
(Understanding how adults learn and change behavior to improve performance.)

(Understanding how people are motivated to buy-in.)


Winner of business strategy competition developed by Glo-Bus.

Advisory Boards and Panels

Jorge continues to serve in several panels and advisory boards.

ITT-Tech, Business School, Advisory Board

Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Leading Insights online panel


Staff and Customer Education, consulting, instructional design, leadership/organizational development and customer service/loyalty implementation, and e-learning. Marketing and online product launches, expertise in e-mail marketing, SEO, etc. Development of e-learning and continuing education learning products, developing performance improvement strategies, leadership training and career path development, creation of value added services, Spanish Region business development and contracting.

Contact Jorge at Learning4Managers with questions or for more information.

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