“What did your instructor (Jorge Acuna) do that you found most helpful for your learning experience?”

He has done very well. All necessary steps to become successful HR Officers/managers were taken into consideration by the Instructor/Mentor.

Mr. Jorge Acuna always updates us with whatever is happening to follow the course thoroughly.

Jorge has, as usual, shared some interesting websites, or thoughts of previous students with us. He makes great suggestions when answering our course topic discussion posts.

Jorge provided excellent feedback to student posts/comments and offered a variety of useful supplemental information. TD

Jorge gave us “what if” questions that were unexpected.  He made us think out of the box.  I appreciate his real world expertise and his ability to relate that to the classwork.

Jorge truly inspires me to do more than required for my grade. He is thought provoking in the discussions.

Prof. Acuna has been my instructor in a number courses since August. His style and experience in the courses I have so far completed has benefited me personally and professionally. Hope he will be one of my instructors in my upcoming management and leadership courses I intend to take.

Jorge was able to provide knowledgeable insight, as well as recommended readings, resources, etc. to assist with driving momentum successfully within my organization.

Professor Acuna has a wealth of experience in this field. Very clear instructions with simple english language easy to understand. He is always part of the discussion providing guidance and sharing wealth of experience.

Our instructor kept the conversation going by continually prompting discussion. He also provided many additional resources apart from just the course material which was also very interesting and useful information.

The instructor played an important role by asking question and seeking our understanding on different parts and by doing this had expanded the materials and the class knowledge at large. It was a live class environment.

The instructor demonstrated to have good domain of the subject and his comments were very opportune. He cleared our queries and brilliantly commented and replied to our discussions.

Very cool and professional Instructor. Thanks a lot!

Made himself available, and communicated outside the class group to individuals.

Provided a good set of additional information to look up when responding one of my discussion points

He commented on my discussion which helped guide me a lot and know whether am on track on not. I still feel the great need to have interacted more with my instructor for more explanation and guidance.

It’s a great course, very interesting, I have learnt a lot. Jorge, our supervisor gave us some very interesting and valid input in addition to the course.

He responded to every question and concern by giving great advice. He made us think outside the box by asking us to give more details and to be creative with our answers.

I think Jorge knows very well the subject and he was asking the good questions to go deeper in the course.

Provided feedback to answers in required discussions, and followed up with e-mails at the beginning of each week in the course.

The instructor was responding to the discussion questions by applying it on real life situations which helped me understand the case and apply on a situation at my current job.

Mr. Acuna was very kind to send me a video that could open a bit more my mind about the subject: “Forming a team”. He also was very helpful in responding very quickly to the discussions proposed during the course.

His experience and knowledge are incredible.

Extra material provided during the discussion was great!

Responded in depth and immediately to personal questions

His insight and vast knowledge was an eye-opener 🙂

He shares his thoughts with the class.

Guided the course for ease of execution

The constant contribution and additional mind provoking questions that further push down the understanding of the subject matter.

In every discussion, he gave his point of view which helped to improve my knowledge.

His professional ways to lead and present the courses and the materials

He helped focus and participated in conversation adding some materials not present in the course.

Mentor shared his expertise and knowledge

Hey constantly followed up within our required discussion topics and graded our material in a timely fashion.  Emphasis was placed on sharing of individual ideas in a team setting,

Posting of relevant articles to spur discussion / feedback and generate collaboration with other students. He also kept discussion on course, pointed out short comings which he noticed in aspects of the course. e.g. Planning for meetings.

Feedback to group discussions was very helpful and informative.

So far, this has been the best experience. Attentive and thoughtful feedback made the difference.

Ask open ended leading questions and backed his answers with research.

Jorge was so helpful and he was always available when I needed to ask him any question about the course or course work we were doing.

Communicated the time lines and moved the class along

He was able to give us additional information as well as initiate additional thought provoking discussions from the responses given by my classmates.

I appreciate the samples and further explanation or follow up questions given on some of the answers given by some of the students.

The instructor was involved in the discussion so it was very easy to understand the topic and not to be off track.

He had more insight on real life situations

I really appreciate his style and responsiveness.

He gave reference for additional learning materials that will help improve my managerial skills.

Clearly made himself available for assistance.

The level of interaction with us was great. Enough to elicit good conversation, but not too much that it would squelch dialog. I also liked the connections the instructor made to other authors.

Knowledge of course outline was great and very direct to skill sets that were needed to understand processes.

Provided other resources to learn from as well; book titles, authors, etc.

The analytical examples provided during the course content.

Excellent references and comments in discussions.

he gave additional information that increased my depth of understanding

His insights were very helpful and the outside readings related to the discussion that he shared with us

I really liked the external sources provided to the class during discussions

Establishing course expectations prior to starting class.  Responding to discussion feedback.

He is a great instructor…great feedback and ideas.

The course is excellent, the content very nice and useful for work and in general life, examples very nice and illustratable, resources, tool much helpful to understand the topics.

Very nice of instructor to offer to collaborate and ensure I was not having difficulty with the assigned required discussions.

The instructor is very professional,

Provided guidance as well as direction. Asked probing questions. Course schedule was divided into two such that it accommodated my busy schedule. Provided websites for ease of reference as we perform our jobs as leaders and managers in future.

Professor is well versed with the subject matter.

Good instructor and active. He could give us lots of lessons learned.

I liked how the instructor provided additional links and material for further research.

Shared is professional experience and provided guidance in the discussion forum.

Online Training

The instructor provided feedback to all e-mails, every response that was posted, and was available in chat room.

Jorge shared some very interesting thoughts, when answering to the postings of some students in the discussions.

Offering alternate options to comments by students in a constructive and non-challenging approach, which improves receptivity

Intervene with helpful material to further supplement the discussions.

Emailed guidelines and comments to my email address that pulled the course into my active working days, rather than just a site for me to log into

The course map was very detailed and very easy to understand. The instructor kept monitoring posts very closely and made comments/remarks that were useful for my learning experiences

Highlighting relevant papers and information for research and understanding which was topical to the course content

Jorge Acuna is perhaps the best instructor I’ve had yet.  You could tell he really reviewed the discussion groups and put some thoughtful comments into them.

He reviewed the discussions, gave comments and sent links to additional resources that could be helpful.

He gave me the needed support when I had challenges completing my modules within the agreed timeline

The additional discussions he provided as a response to postings helped in gaining additional knowledge and information. It also helped us think outside of the primary point of discussion.

I find Jorge motivating and challenging.

Of my three online courses to date, this instructor was the most interactive and pushed us the hardest in the discussion group, which is a compliment.

My instructor is very knowledgeable of the course, very  patient and have given me ample time to attend to my course, being in a very busy working environment, juggling with my working time and my course was difficult. He is very understanding.

I appreciate the instructors expertise in this course. He portrayed himself not only a teacher but also mentor. I need of his type in other courses. He so explicit, simple and concise in his course preamble and introduction. Even the interactive modules are user friendly.

I like the additional links provided and the interactive questions asked by Jorge

Help me through the process in my own language, I was so happy that he wrote to me in Spanish even thought I fully understand English, made me feel I had someone that could understand me further.

I really appreciated the emails sent by Jorge ensuring that we were participating in the course and keeping students on track.

His thorough response to discussion boards was really helpful.  Additionally, he referred us to some great articles relevant to the topics at hand

Jorge Acuna was particularly adept at engaging students in online discussion.  He stimulated more dialog among students than most.