Leadership and Strategy Alignment


Discover the secrets to creating a cohesive and highly productive team.



This course is the third module of the Creating Viral Teams Training Series: Unleashing Viral Leadership.

You may have experienced one of these two kinds of teams:

The Lost In The Desert Team: The old adage says “If you aim at nothing, you’ll seldom miss.” Lack of a clear focus and direction leads to poor performance and waste. People feel lost, lack engagement, and the organization loses money.

The All About Me Team: Some teams are full of people with strong opinions and focus. However, if everyone in the team has a different focus, our collective strength turns against us.

The Leadership and Strategic Alignment module shows you and your team how to develop a clear picture of the direction you want them to pursue and align your collective strengths for exponentially increased results.

Author: Jorge Acuna, MEd, MBA

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