Leadership Style And Performance


Learn about your leadership style and how you can capitalize on your strengths and the strengths of your team.



This course is the first module of the Creating Viral Teams Training Series: Unleashing Viral Leadership.

One of the top complaints by team members is that their managers and leaders do not understand them. Team members often feel like they are not heard and that their opinion does not count.

On the other hand, managers and leaders often feel their team members are unreasonable and unwilling to do what they are supposed to.

When you understand the science of behavior and the patterns different people use to make decisions and communicate with each other, you gain the ability to unlock your team’s potential. By learning how to identify your own decision and communication style preferences and the preferences of your team members, you’ll learn to predict behaviors and outcomes.

Understanding style preferences will be your key to leverage your strengths, identify  the strengths of your team members, and unlock your team’s potential.

Author: Jorge Acuna, MEd, MBA

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