Employee Engagement

According to Gallup(1), employee engagement in the USA between 2014 and 2017 ranged mostly between 30% and 35%, reaching a highest point in 2017 slightly above 38%.

If these statistics are true at your business, three to four out of every ten employees are not producing at their highest potential, nor are they invested in growing in their career with your company. The cost of this lack of engagement varies widely across companies, but it is certainly important to consider.

How do you respond to these numbers? Do you assume it is part of the cost of doing business? Or do you take action. But, what is the correct action to take?

A natural reaction could be to want to remove the employees that are not engaged. However, what if the next round of new hires lack engagement too? A better tactical step would be to take a closer look at your hiring practices.

But what if you do hire engaged individuals who later become disengaged due to the way your company conducts business? As you can see, the solution may not simple, but it is also not impossible to find. We must take a strategic approach to engagement to ensure we keep and nurture highly productive star employees from hire to retire.


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