SWOT Analysis eLearning Course Now Available


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America (Free-Press-Release.com) December 13, 2012 — Learning4Managers.com announces the launch Learning4Managers SWOT Analysis – e-learning course.

Earlier this year Learning4Managers.com launched its SWOT Analysis application for Android devices. “The app was welcomed by the industry and users downloaded it thousands of times over the last few months from Google Play (formerly known as Android Marketplace),” said Angela Acuna, Principal Consultant at Learning4Managers. “We are very proud of our success with the app. Over two thirds of the customers who purchased the app maintain it active on their device, where most other apps are deactivated within the first few weeks after purchase,” added Angela.

Now, Learning4Managers customers can access the app in e-learning format. This means they can review the content and practice creating a SWOT analysis online from their desktop or laptop. The course was built to play inside Learning Management Systems (LMS) that accept SCORM courses. “The fact that the SWOT Analysis course is SCORM compliant allows large businesses and educational institutions to license the course to play inside their own LMS,” stated Jorge Acuna, publisher and author of the course.

Developed by Albert S. Humphrey in the 1960′s, SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning method, and the first step in formulating a plan. It helps individuals assess the value of an initiative or goal. The course includes templates and practical examples.

Participants can register for the course at myTraining2Go.com, authorized dealer of e-learning content and sister company of Learning4Managers.

The course was created by Learning4Managers.com, a division of Accolade Institute, Inc. Contact www.Learning4Managers.com for more information or business training app development.