How much time do managers spend on Conflict?

Survey Results and Management Tips

Surveys by many different groups across the years indicate that managers spend 10%-26% of their time managing conflict in the workplace. As an average, this accounts for a full day each week!

Table 1 Accounttemps* CPP** CIPD*** Total Average
Time spent on resolving conflict 18% 26% 9% 18%


As disturbing as these numbers may appear, there is an underlying concern not clearly revealed by these numbers.

Nearly 6% of managers who successfully brought conflict to a resolution report that it taking over 10 days to resolve their recent situation. Add this to the fact that nearly half of the managers dealing with conflict report that its having a negative impact on productivity within their organization.

These alarming numbers make us quickly realize that conflict is both costly and long-lasting.  Since ignoring workplace conflict only allows it to prolong lost productivity, our only viable option is to manage the conflict quickly and effectively. Better yet, learn how to identify its early signs and prevent it altogether.

Here are some tips

  • Learn how the interaction between different personalities contributes to conflict.
  • Train managers and staff to identify the sources of conflict.
  • When the early signs of conflict appear, act quickly to prevent its escalation.
  • When conflict happens, help individuals see how they can use their personality strengths.