Seminar Overview

All businesses struggle with rising costs, risk, and aggressive competitors in today’s global economy. The business arena requires top leaders to maximize resources and leverage ingenuity. What can a business leader do to ensure the company’s survival in today’s business milieu? The secret to take your company beyond simple survival is the discipline of sustainable strategic management. Your leadership team will learn strategic management principles to effectively drive performance and productivity. This program will show you how to formulate and implement sustainable strategic management tools and techniques that are both effective and practical.

Topics Covered

The course will provide participants an overview of how to develop an effective strategy, how to plan for its implementation, and how to ensure the sustainability of the plan.

The course covers:

  • Principles of strategy formulation
  • Overcoming strategy management obstacles
  • Implementing a sustainable strategy
  • Balancing strategic leadership and business ethics

Learning Objectives 

  1. Assess strategy development preparedness.
  2. Compare the different stages of strategy formulation.
  3. Identify effective strategy implementation principles.
  4. Implement strategy management model.
  5. Assess obstacles to strategy management.

Material Covered

The course will cover the conceptual framework of strategy development, implementation team management, and strategy sustainability.


  • Day One
    • Preparing for Strategy Development
      • The Micro-Environment Evaluation
      • The Macro-Environment Evaluation
    • Strategy Development
      • Conceptual Framework for Strategy Development
      • Coping with Stress During and After Conflict
    • Overcoming Formulation Obstacles
      • Preventing Common Strategic Development Mistakes
      • Managing Obstacles During Formulation
  • Day Two
    • Preparing for Implementation
      • The Implementation Communications Plan
      • Resource Planning
    • Implementation
      • Motivation and Success
      • Strategy Management and Sustainability
    • Overcoming Implementation Obstacles
      • Preventing Common Strategic Management Mistakes
      • Managing Obstacles During Implementation