Successful Onboarding Programs

Seminar Overview

There are two kinds of onboarding that companies should concern themselves with: new hire onboarding and job transfer/promotion onboarding. Different research reports indicate that new employees orientation programs can increase retention by as much as 25 percent eliminating costs of replacing new employees. Close to 70% of new hires that participate in effective orientation training tend to stay with their company for at up to 3 years. Between 30% and 43% of newly promoted managers and leaders had to learn fundamental leadership skills on their own due to lack of proper onboarding and transitional training. Learning to create a well-designed onboarding process will help your company retain talented team members and solidify the skills of your new leadership teams.

Topics Covered

The course gives participants a framework to develop an effective new hire and promotion onboarding program.

The course covers:

  • Strategies for effective onboarding goal setting
  • Attributes of effective onboarding training programs
  • Differences between new hire onboarding and job transfer/promotion onboarding
  • Strategies for individual and team onboarding

Learning Objectives 

  1. Identify the attributes of effective coaching and mentoring programs
  2. Assess individual motivation preferences
  3. Demonstrate the use of effective coaching and mentoring techniques
  4. Review individual and team coaching and mentoring strategies
  5. Develop a coaching and mentoring program plan outline

Material Covered

The course will cover a framework for onboarding new hires and for job transfers or promotions, starting point and length of the onboarding process, effective onboarding training, and onboarding program results evaluation.


  • Day One
    • Onboarding Types and Purpose
      • New Hire Onboarding
      • Job Transition/Promotion Onboarding
    • Onboarding Goals
      • Defining Corporate Expectations
      • Defining Individual Expectations
    • Onboarding Roles
      • The Role of HR
      • Leadership Team’s Role
  • Day Two
    • Onboarding Lifecycle
      • Onboarding Timeline
      • Transition Into Performance Improvement
    • Developing an Onboarding Plan
      • Identifying and Preparing an Onboarding Team
      • Creating a Support Structure
    • Evaluating Results
      • Measuring Results
      • Process Improvement Planning