Workplace Violence

About 3 of every 10 employees are victimized at work

A recent report published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, a section of the US Department of Justice, indicates that a high number of employees in the private sector report being victimized by people they work with.

Over 28% of men and nearly 40% of women report being victims of violence by a relationship at work, such as a customer, a patient, a supervisor, an employee or a peer.  Out of all of these, Coworker violence frequency appears to rate the highest.Coworker violence continues to be a concern in the workplace. Not only is it disruptive to the workplace and people’s lives in the short-term, its effects on productivity and on staff’s motivation can be long-lasting.

To keep employees engaged in the workplace we need to take measures to curb these trends in workplace violence, and the first step is prevention. One of the keys to prevention is educating staff to recognize and prevent triggers that can lead to violence.

To assess your readiness to prevent violence at work, ask yourself

What steps are being taking in my organization to prevent violence in the workplace?
When was the last time I took a conflict management course?
When was the last time our  team discussed how to handle difficult people at work?
Can I identify key triggers to most conflict situations?
If your answers to these questions concern you, we invite you to attend our premier webinar

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